Take a Chance, Make a Change!

Hey guys! What is up? How’s it going?!

Things over here are going fan-freaking-tastic!! Yea, I said it! Despite all the changes our lives over here in the Burr family have endured, we are doing GREAT! Honestly, it’s because of those changes that we are doing so well. They were the catalyst for change.

So often, especially this year for just about everyone, we are forced to face changes and/or situations we don’t want to face. That’s when you have a choice to make. 1) Say “NO” and ignore it and remain exactly where you are (or worse, go backwards) OR 2) Look it in the eyes and say “I surrender.” Option two is the better option. I’ll just tell you that so you can save some time and anguish. lol.

We are given these moments, moments like what we’ve been experiencing ALL 2020, to take a chance to grow, evolve, and step up into our divine purpose. Every time you surrender to what’s happening and move with it, taking action to actively grow, you are moving closer to your purpose. Don’t act like that’s not something you’ve been thinking about. I’ve heard it time and time again from people, moms, students graduating college, etc…”What am I supposed to do? I feel lost. Who am I meant to be?” We all wonder what it is we are meant to do. I think it’s totally normal to wonder that. Want to know a secret? I think we actually already know the answer to our question. Problem is, that truth is deep down in us, covered in a pile of “should bes,” “should dos,” “and supposed tos.” The moments we are given to face our ish are our chance to start clearing out that pile. Yes, it’s work. I mean, who really ever enjoys seeing a huge pile of laundry that needs to be tackled? Not me, that’s why it’s still sitting next to me as I type this…no, seriously. However, I can either choose to ignore it and pretend it’s not there as company comes over, more laundry is added to the pile, and so on, OR I can take action and do the work.

What are you doing during this time? Are you facing your ish? (If you don’t know what ish is, well, it’s a not so offensive alternative to a cuss word, but basically it’s your stuff…your smelly stuff. haha) So, are you facing your ish or are you letting it pile up in the corner, causing bitterness, co-signing on this story you’ve created that you have no purpose, that you can’t do something because you lack the talent or resources, and that you’re going to be alone all your life because of XYZ reasons? Are you? Seriously, stop and ask yourself this question right now. I’ll wait.

If your answer is “No, I’m good, I’ve handled my ish,” then I’m clapping my hands for you right now. Good for you for facing your ish. If you answered, “I’m not facing my ish and it’s piling up,” then I’m clapping my hands for you too. Know why? Because you’ve taken the first step; the step of recognizing you’ve got some ish to deal with.

Now the next step is harder because you have to actually dive into it (sort of like the struggle of trying to find that one sock in the big ol’ pile of clothes), but I invite you to do it. Grab a notebook/journal and ask yourself some questions. Freely write as you answer them. Don’t try to be “correct” or sensor what you’re writing. Let the uncensored truth flow.

Ask yourself:

-What ish am I not facing?

-What type of feelings arise in me when I think about this particular thing? (sadness, frustration, lonely, worthless, unaccepted/rejection, jealous, fear, etc.) Here’s a little wheel of feelings to help if you struggle finding the words to emotions. This wheel has helped me.

Why do you feel these feelings? Is there a memory you have that links to this feeling? IE: A parent leaving you as a child maybe brings up the feelings of abandonment, worthlessness, and even the fear of rejection. This often leads to more feelings or another layer, which is good. Uncover it all. It helps you get to the root.

Spend some time journaling about these things. When you are done, I want you to do this next practice.

Sit in a quiet space with your eyes closed. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Clear your mind of all things (Thoughts will flow in, just acknowledge them and then let them flow back out. Don’t give them too much attention though.) As you continue to breathe slow, deep breaths, let your creator fill you up with love. I like to envision this warm light filling me up from my toes up to my head, and then it grows, like a ball of energy, out of my center and fills the space I’m in. You can do this too. It may take a few minutes or longer for you to achieve this. That’s ok. We are all unique and do things in our own way and timing.

Once you’re filled up with the pure, unconditional love of your creator, picture in your mind yourself standing in a room. Then, in your own way, picture those feelings, or stories, that you journaled about. This can be in the form of “scenes” (like a snapshot of an instant you’d feel those feelings IE: someone rejecting you or looking at yourself in the mirror and not liking what you see), it can be like a word bubble, where the actual words are floating around you. I do a mix of both. Do whatever you are led to do. Feel those feelings as you bring them into this room in your mind. Then, once they are all there, I want you to take a deep breath and as you breath out, picture yourself sending that love you’ve been filled with to each and every feeling/fear. As that bright light of love touches them, let the love overtake that feeling/fear picture, almost like a fire engulfing a piece of paper. Let the light transform that feeling/fear into the same bright love you’re filled with, and as it is transformed, picture it disintegrating into gold dust that floats off. Now that feeling has been transmuted into love that can be sent out into the world. When you are finished with every single feeling, all that should be left is you in that room. I want you to, once again, breath that same light of love into the you in that room. Along with that love, fill yourself with everything you want to feel (happiness, joy, pride, worthiness, confidence, peace, etc.) Once you feel that you’ve accomplished this, take another deep breath and then open your eyes.

From here, feel free to journal, meditate, and/or spend some time in prayer. Maybe you just feel like getting up. That’s cool. One thing I want you to do, non-negotiable, is to think of an affirmation for your circumstance(s). An affirmation is a positive statement that you say daily, or even throughout the day, that challenges negative thoughts/beliefs, and encourages the growth of new beliefs. We’ve all seen these at one point in our lives – Sticky notes posted on the bathroom mirror with positive quotes that we read as we get ready – That’s an affirmation.

I want you to think of your very own. It doesn’t have to be phrased perfectly. I do want it to start with one of two phrases: “I AM” or “I CHOOSE.” These are powerful beginnings to an affirmation statement.

For a little guidance, I’ll give a couple examples. Yours can be similar, shorter, or longer. There are no rules (other than the one I gave two seconds ago, lol).

Example one: “I am filled with creativity, passion, and determination, and I can accomplish every goal I set before myself.”

Example two: “I choose to see myself as I truly am which is beautiful, unique, and full of love. I spread joy everywhere I go and people are attracted to me because I am light.”

Example three: “I am worthy of all things that come my way. I am free to live my true-self out because when I am my true-self, I operate in the love I was created to share with the world.”

Whew, that last one was pretty powerful!

Write yourself an affirmation, and then for the next 40 days, I want you to speak it over yourself. You can put in on a sticky note in your bathroom, stick it in your car, or set a reminder on your phone. Speak it over yourself for the next 40 days straight and get ready to see yourself transform. As I write this, I can feel the transformations waiting to happen and the happiness and possibilities just waiting for you. So go for it! What are you waiting for?!

I am so excited for you!!

Lots of Love!