What is She_is_Mvmt? Well, that’s a question I ask myself weekly. I know that it is something I thought of around a year ago. I know it came out of a desire to want to inspire women and encourage them to accept, love, and celebrate themselves as they are. This was only part of the equation though. 

Years ago, I found myself leading a small group of young girls in my youth group. I was lucky enough to get to walk through life with these girls from the time they were 11 and 12 years old until they graduated high school. Some of them I actually got to see get married and even have kids. Since that time, I knew I had a desire to work with girls/women. How exactly that looks for me? I don’t know yet. However, I’ve come to a point in life where I’ve learned I can’t keep putting it off until I “feel” ready, have all the knowledge, or a set plan. This is where this page comes in. 

I have decided to let things unfold as they will, but while taking action. I’ve created this area for encouragement and inspiration to take place. This may look like simple posts, a quote, or even a story from someone. I don’t want to put this is a box because then I think we will be preventing something great from happening. We have to be open to the unknown for the unknown to happen. I just made that up, but I think it sounds really good. Maybe you should Instagram or tweet that. Lol.

Another part of this desire I’ve had brewing inside me is getting together, face-to-face, with other women. I’ve found that when I stop and get coffee or lunch with a friend, with no agenda other than enjoying life, that I always walk away happy. We are always so busy with life, work, kid’s activities, etc, that we don’t take time to just catch up with friends. And, when we do, it’s usually over the phone or text messages, which really isn’t the same. Human interaction is a key thing that we don’t do enough of anymore, and it’s easy to pretend things are fine when you’re talking via text messages.

I want to create a space where we can get together. I envision groups of women, getting together, maybe even for the first time, and just having a moment to be real with each other. As women, we need a circle we can count on; a group of women we can turn to for support, to do life with, and to be friends with. To start, I’m thinking of hosting some get-togethers. This will probably be something as simple as a date, time, and location I will announce, and be at to meet up with anyone wanting to get together…no pressure. I would also like to add the details for other meetups that happen in the area but aren’t hosted by me. I know of some other great organizations, ran by women, who occasionally meet up as well, and I’d love to be able to share this info with you.

So that’s it…for now. I’ve second guessed doing this for years. I’ve dreamed of big conferences for women, smaller-scaled meetings over coffee, and even simple printables to give out that would encourage women. Each time I have second guessed myself, but now I’m going to set the ball in motion and see where it goes. I hope you feel inclined to join in on the fun…maybe with a story to share, and hopefully over coffee one day.  *Lots of love!!