Online Meet Ups

Since most of us are on some type of lockdown, meeting up in person is out of the question. With that being said, I will keep an ongoing list here of online gatherings I hear of and how you can get connected. Be sure to check back often, as I will get updates on meetings as the organizers set them up.

I know it can be tough for many of you who need social interaction (hey you extroverts), and even those of us who need a break from homeschooling (or just constant life with children). Let’s try to make the best of it by connecting online. Thank goodness this is an option. Imagine if this was 30 years ago and we didn’t have the option to communicate on the web. I don’t even want to imagine that actually. lol

Also, if you are hosting any online gatherings and you want me to share them on this page, email me at with the info and a description of the type of meeting, and I’ll take a look. We are in this together. πŸ™‚

Online Get Togethers

*Just a note for new Zoom users: Sometimes the meeting defaults to opening with your camera and microphone muted/off. Click the camera and/or microphone in the lower left hand corner to enable them.

  • Coffee & Friends – Hosted by Erin Burr
    • This is a chance to gather with other women, just to talk, glean from, whatever. Feel free to bring your coffee along, I def have mine! πŸ™‚
    • When: Saturdays @ 10:30am PST
    • Join Zoom Meeting: