Microblading…should you or shouldn’t you?

Microblading is becoming more and more popular. I keep seeing people popping up in my feed, talking about how they just got their eyebrows microbladed. While some look great and nearly impossible to tell they were done, I’ve seen others that don’t look very good at all. Whether you’re curious about getting your eyebrows microbladed or you’re wondering what all goes into the process…keep reading, and hopefully I’ll give you some answers.

*Stay tuned to the end to see my before and afters. It’s magical!! I’ll also link my artist’s website, in case you live in Washington. She’s amazing!

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent make up solution, designed to give you fuller eyebrows. The artist uses specific tools and ink to slice small strokes across your skin. At the same time, ink is deposited into the skin. Unlike tattoos, the cut is only in the upper parts of the skin, which is why it is semi-permanent.

Can anyone get microblading?

Most anyone can get microblading done. There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t get microblading though. Some of these include medical reasons, allergies, and skin conditions in the area of the brows. It is always important to talk to the artist before booking to find out what their restrictions and policies are.

Does it hurt?

Yes….and no. The artist numbs the skin with a numbing agent prior to the actual microblading. If the artist does not offer this, do not go to them. In order to get the numbing agent to penetrate the skin, they do have to poke the skin a bit though. This is the part that does hurt, but it lasts only a few seconds, and sort of feels like hair being tweezed very quickly. Nothing unbearable. Once you’re numbed up, you just feel a little pressure as the blade slices through your skin, but no pain.

*I will note, during one of my sessions, there was a small section that didn’t numb up, so I could feel the actual microblading happening. It wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t terrible either. It feels similar to a cat scratch.

What shape should I get?

Leave this to the artist. Obviously, you should give your input, and they should ask for it as well, BUT, sometimes we don’t give ourselves the best eyebrows. I, for example, had been filling my brows for most of my life. (Backstory – I, unfortunately, tweezed most of my inner brows out when I was a kid, and after repeatedly doing that, they haven’t grown back.) At the time I considered microblading, I was filling my brows in such a way that didn’t look natural…at all. I actually laugh at myself AND shake my head in shame every time I see a picture from before I had my eyebrows microbladed. I was walking around with these giant, squared off eyebrows. It was like my eyebrows were wearing me. I thought they were great, and so did the people who said they loved them (WHY??), but once I saw the light, I also saw the error in my ways. Don’t be like me.

Let your artist use the skills they’ve learned and developed to create a brow that fits your face. The artist I saw trained at the Phi Academy. She learned the “golden ratio,” and uses that to calculate and measure where your brows should begin, end, and even arch. She does consider your natural brow shape and how you like your brows, but she is guided by her knowledge to combine all of this and design the best brow for your face.

This is where I’ve seen some people go wrong. They either don’t research their artist or they like a couple pictures of other people’s results, without thinking about how those brows would look on their face. I’ve seen plenty of artists who just do the exact same brows on girls, regardless of their face shape. This is a big no-no. Do. Your. Research!

How long does it last?

This varies. It can be anywhere from 6 months (worst case scenario) to 18 months. Most artists say 12 – 18 months. What you’re starting with does make a difference. I started with very sparse brows. It actually took three sessions (normally it’s two), and I think they didn’t last the full year. I did have some hair strokes left after the first year, but not enough to keep me from filling them in with a pencil. I chalk this up to my situation though, not the artist. Fun fact: I’m pretty sure the cutting of the skin stimulated my hair follicles and I’ve had a small amount of hair growth in my brows. YAY!

Two Sessions? What?

Yes, two sessions. The initial and then a follow up to get any parts that need a little extra work. The first session is the longest. The artist will study your face and brows, make some measurements, and draw stencils. Once they (and you) have decided they look good, they will begin the microblading work. This includes numbing the area, mixing the correct color of ink, prepping the tools, etc. Expect 2-3 hours. The second session is much shorter, as the ground work has been laid and it’s just to fill any spots and do some touch ups.

I’ve seen some people have really dark eyebrows afterwards. Will that be me?

Yes. They say your eyebrows will appear darker than normal when freshly done. Then, they will get darker for the first week or so. BUT, do not fear, once they get through the peeling process, your eyebrows will be a normal shade that match your eyebrow hairs. A good microblading artist is able to match the shade of ink exactly to your hair. Walk away if they say they don’t have your color.

*Yes, I did say peeling. Just like regular tattoos, there is peeling/flaking of the ink as the healing happens. It’s similar to when you get henna, and once it dries, it begins to flake off, revealing the image beneath it.

So, what were your results?

Here you see three pictures. The top is my bare eyebrows. The bottom is my silly drawn on/filled in brows. It’s ok to laugh. The middle is my finished results. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I often look back at this picture and the one at the top because my brows no longer look like that and I wish they did. It’s been a few years since I’ve had them done, so all that’s left is a little shading, but not much. Will I get them done again? Probably. There was a moment I thought no, but I think that’s because of the cost. But today I’m say yes, without a doubt! The joy I get from having brows on my face that don’t wash off every night is worth every dollar.

Now, if you live in the area, then go see my girl! Her name is Tammy, she works in Bellevue, WA, and she’s a magician. Here is her website, and here’s her instagram so you can see her work. Check her out, you will not be disappointed!