Life Update – 3 weeks in

How is everyone doing with our new lifestyle? I haven’t kept up too much with the news, so I’m not too up-to-date on what states have and have-not enforced the stay-home orders yet. I’m assuming most of us are on stay-home orders now.

We have officially been on a stay home order for two weeks now, but my kids have been doing school from home for three weeks, so in my book, it’s been three weeks.

The first couple of weeks were like we were on vacation, like a school break, not a fancy vacation on a beach…only the kids still had school. What changed was I no longer had to spend a couple hours a day driving back and forth for school drop off/pick up. It is amazing how much time all that driving zaps from my day.

Now that we are a bit further into the stay home order, I feel like we are finding our groove. Most mornings the kids and I take a short drive and pick up lunch from the local school. It sort of sets our day up because we get up, get ready, and head out. Then, once we get back home, the kids begin school, all done online (obviously), and I start work (also online). My husband sticks to his own schedule, which consists of Netflix, job hunting, and school work (he’s finishing up his Masters). 3 – 4 hours later, the kids and I are finished and we usually take a break to do whatever we want. Now, I’m not going to pretend that we stick to this schedule all the time. My day get broken up with other activities, ie: tv, working out, etc.. I work as tasks come in, so in-between those, I am free to do whatever I want. The kids do stick to school until they finish their assignments, but it’s just easier that way than to let them stop and come back later. Let’s be real, they won’t come back to it later.

We also have housework to keep up with, especially since we are all home all the time. This last week I started using a whiteboard to create a rough schedule/to-do list for the family. This has helped A LOT! Every night I write the next day’s activities so the kids can see it when they get up and know what’s up. We put the usual stuff I just told you about, and then we have the daily chores. This part varies (except emptying the dishwasher, which is the kids’ job). I pick one or two bigger tasks depending on the day. Sometimes it’s to clean all the bathrooms, sometimes it’s wiping down the baseboards – you get the point. Then, we also add some form of exercise. This can be going out for a walk/bike ride, or as of late, it has been to play Just Dance. If you didn’t know, that is a workout. My arms were killing after the first day.

I think the key to the stay home order, and this is for everyone, not just families with kids, is that you need to be fluid. Sometimes sitting on the couch or in your bed and binge watching your fav tv series is what your day ends up like. Other times, you’re on a roll and you’ve reorganized your entire kitchen and closets. Do not beat yourself up if your life isn’t looking like someone else’s. Don’t beat yourself up because social media is telling you that you ought to be working out with all this new time on your hands because there is NO EXCUSE. That’s a lie! Don’t let them tell you now is the time you should be building that dream business, or to be going through all your clothes deciding what to donate. Don’t let them tell you what you have to be doing PERIOD.

We are lucky enough to have this time to slow down. Yes, I know we still need to work and make money. That goes without saying. However, all those other things, sports, after school activities, nights out with friends, all of it, are now gone. We get this chance to slow down and listen to our own mind and heart. What does your soul really need? What really makes you happy? Are you physically and mentally exhausted from constantly doing life?

I know this time brings stress and anxiety to many. I feel it at times too. But- I truly believe this is the time to face those feelings. Why are you feeling the way you do? It’s not bad to feel any type of way, I just think it’s important to feel it and understand why you feel that way. We’ve been told and forced by busy-ness to set aside our emotions for so long, that we (some, not all of us) find it hard to even put our feelings into words. We don’t even know why we get triggered by things anymore. Let’s take this moment to slow down and look inward. I think that this can help so many of us, and it will help remove a lot of that feeling of “have to/should be.”

Whatever you do on this stay home order, do it because you want to, not because you feel obligated (unless it’s work lol), or because you feel like it’s expected of you. There are no expectations. If you want to binge watch Tiger King and eat snacks, then do it. (I haven’t watched this, but my husband has.) Please, though, stay home. It is NOT ok to run around, hanging with your friends because you want to. That’s just being selfish and irresponsible. <3