Ipsy – March

So it is April, and I’ve had this Ipsy bag for a few weeks now. I figured I should probably share it with you guys before the April one arrives. (Which is probably next week.)

April was a special month for Ipsy. I can’t remember why, maybe an anniversary or something for them. I wasn’t really paying too much attention. BUT – to celebrate, they gave everyone one extra item in their Ipsy bag. YAY!! They also gave us the option to purchase one add on item for only $1. Normally, they are $3. I took full advantage of that $1 add on and got myself a sample of a bubbling face wash. I’ve heard about these a lot lately, and I wanted to give it a try. Let’s say it is interesting. More on that later.

I only snapped two pictures of what I received, so sorry there isn’t a better photo of the bag. If you didn’t know, every month, Ipsy has a new bag that your goodies arrive in. I’ve found these bags to be very useful. I use them when traveling to organize my makeup and other toiletries. I also keep one in my favorite purse because it matches so well and it helps me keep the thing looking organized. I also just keep some in my bathroom to hold different makeup in to, again, organize my life. Basically, these things help me be organized, and if you’ve ever stepped into a Container Store, then you know organization stuff is EXPENSIVE!

Moving on to the good stuff, what I received! But first, some info for context – I pay a monthly subscription fee of $12, plus tax for this bag. You can pay for a whole year and get it slightly cheaper, but I didn’t want to commit.

Honestly, I keep going back and forth about keeping this subscription because you get mainly samples and I think one full sized item, but it’s usually something like a chapstick or a makeup brush. (I got both in this one lol). Paying for a bunch of samples seems like a waste, especially when I was getting the Boxy Charm box which gives you five full-sized items for $27. I just canceled my Boxy Charm subscription though because I’ve had a couple bad experiences in the last month, and I didn’t want to shell out the money given the state we are in right now with jobs being crazy and all that. Also, this bag really impressed me. We will see how April treats me.

So, why was I impressed? Well, here’s what I got. I’ll note if it was a sample size or full size item and the MSRP of a full size of that item. πŸ™‚

  • GIRLACTIK Precise Marker Liner (Full Size) $20
  • LOTTIE LONDON Shimmer Squad Highlighter in “The Good Girl” (Sample) $10.99
  • Wander Beauty Eyeshadow in “Blossom” (Sample) $25
  • BUBBLE T Face Mask Duo in “Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea” & “Lemongrass & Green Tea” (Full size – it’s two masks) $8
  • HANALEI COMPANY Kukui Lip Balm in “Island Mint” (Full size) $6
  • COMPLEX CULTURE Precision Eyelid Brush (Full Size) $18

Adding up the cost of only the full sized items, we are looking at $52. Wow! All those full sized items really impressed me.

Now, my review of the products…
The eyeliner pen: I love the concept of this, especially because applying liquid eyeliner is a struggle for me. It’s probably hard because I rarely do it, but still. I get too perfectionistic about it. Also, I feel like liquid liner looks best with false lashes or really full lashes. I. Don’t. Have. Those.

Moving on…

The highlighter is nice. I HATE the packaging. It’s just the cake circle thing, that’s the technical term, that goes inside a compact or something to hold it. They simply packaged it in a plastic that you throw away. So now I have this highlighter cake thing and no case for it. I don’t know. The color is nice though. It’s a more subtle highlight than the one I’ve been using, which is great when you want a subtle shine.

The eyeshadow sample is AMAZING! First of all, Wander Beauty knows how to make samples. Yes, it is in a cardboard thing with a little flap, as you can see above, BUT it WORKS! I have a highlighter from them as well (a sample from another month) and it’s in the same packaging. (Love that highlighter by the way.) This eyeshadow is a super cute pinkish-salmon color, and it is PACKED with shimmer. I want to wear it so bad, but I’ve been doing basic, like really basic, makeup for when I have to run a quick errand because #quarentinelife. I feel like it’d be a waste to use this shadow to just sit at home in.

Another thing I love just as much as the eyeshadow is the chapstick. WHAT? Chapstick? YES!! It’s very moisturizing, smells good, and I haven’t lost it yet. WIN! That’s all I have to say about it though. lol

Now the last two items. The face masks and the eyeshadow brush. I LOVE face masks and get excited every time I get one. (I actually think I have another one coming in my April bag, so yay!) I haven’t used these ones yet. I’ve been trying to use my Lush masks because those actually expire, and I have a lot of them to use up. My daughter used one last night though, and I think she liked it. She’s only 9 though (10 in 1 week), so what is she going to say about it? Nothing. The eyeshadow brush was something I saw and was like, Okay?! I have a trusted eyeshadow brush I love to use, but I figure another one is probably a good idea. I don’t think you’re supposed to use the same one for everything, but it works for me. Funny thing though, I forgot I got this brush. I don’t actually know where I put it, but I am sure that the next time I put some make up on (tomorrow for my fancy zoom call) that I will think about it and look for it. Update to follow on my Insta Stories. Since I forgot about it, I don’t have a review for it. lol

Now, the $1 sample item that I bought. I told you we’d come back to this. It is the Caolion Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack. I don’t know the cost of a full size item of this, but it’s whatever. I’ve only used this once, because I forgot where I put it too. I know, WHY am I not organized enough with all my bags?!! (It’s because I put the new stuff aside to be sure to test out and attempt to get a photo of, then I forget about it.)
So, I used this, not sure what it was…still am not really sure what it is. I think I went into it thinking it was a face mask, but it disappears so quickly, that I’m unsure. Then, I thought it was a cleanser, but I just read the packaging and that’s not it. I think it is a mask-like thing that cleanses your pores by doing something with the bubbles. I know, I should be in advertising ahahaha. Like I said earlier, it is interesting. You put it on, and it instantly because to bubble (like it says), and you feel like a science experiment. You know, the volcano one. Then, you’re supposed to massage it into your skin after the bubbles form, and then wash it off. I don’t know. It’s a fun little experience though. I should definitely do it with my kids! They will get a kick out of it.

Well, that’s that. That is my best yet Ipsy bag. Check bag later this month for the April reveal. Also, I will be uploading my review of the Spring 2020 FabFitFun box soon. This was the first time I’ve ever tried this box out, so be on the lookout for that. It was a cool box! πŸ™‚

Til next time, stay safe, or shall I say “Stay Home, Stay Healthy!” Seriously, stay home unless you’re getting some food or going to work. BYE!