Hosting a Virtual Birthday Party

As every parent knows, a child’s birthday party is a big deal to them. With the stay home order that we are under, many children are feeling disappointed that they don’t get to celebrate their birthday with their friends. My daughter turned the BIG 1–0 Easter weekend, on Easter to be exact. Talk about a double whammy. Before Covid-19, she was already disappointed that her birthday landed on Easter this year, but then add in the fact you can’t go anywhere or see anyone, and her birthday expectations were low.

We had plans to do something extra special for her birthday this year, but those plans were canceled too, obviously. We were going to drive down to Portland and attend the Blazers vs Clippers basketball game – something we were all excited about. But, as we all know, the NBA “postponed” the season, whatever that means, lol. As I’m typing this up, it is nearly the end of April. The regular basketball season would normally be over, and we’d be getting into the playoffs, but the NBA has still classified the whole thing as “postponed”…meaning we aren’t getting refunded for our tickets. That’s another story, lol. 

With life taking a new path, I still wanted to make my daughter’s birthday one to remember, and for good reasons, not because of Covid. So, I set out to plan the best virtual birthday party I could come up with. 

As I searched, I learned there wasn’t much out there for how to plan a virtual birthday party for a child. There was some emerging info in light of Covid, but it was for other things like game night and happy hour, definitely not what I wanted for a group of ten-year-olds. This brings us to this post. I want to share what I did so there WILL be some sort of resource out there for my fellow parents. 

The first thing you will need for a virtual party is a format to hold the party on. I used Zoom because that is what I’m used to, and I know the girls attending know how to use it too since they’ve been using it for school. I purchased one month of the “Pro” plan for $15 to remove the time restrictions for the party. The last thing you want is your party (Zoom call) closing out 40 minutes into the party. (Especially because these girls stayed on the call for 3 whole hours. I actually had to kick them all off lol.)

Next, plan the activities. This is where it got tricky because they aren’t doing anything in person. Depending on your budget, you can go big, like a fun craft (I’ll explain how they get it later), or you can go simple, like I did, and play bingo. My daughter actually loves bingo and asks to play it at all of her parties. Who am I to say no? Pinterest is loaded with lots of free bingo game templates and you can even pick according to a theme. I ended up creating my own because I needed a larger amount of playing cards than what I could find. I’d share the template, but I also made a mistake on them, and it’s easier to not share than explain it. Another great resource is Etsy, if you’re interested in purchasing a template. They are usually $5 or less and you just print it at home.

Another game they played was “Who knows the birthday girl.” My daughter wrote up a set of questions about herself and her friends answered them, seeing who got the most correct. Again, Pinterest has templates for this too, if you just wanted something simple to print off. I created our own because my daughter was adamant about using the questions she created.

We kept it simple and left it at those two activities. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on activities because I wasn’t really sure how they’d work out over the internet. Plus, I figured they’d just talk, which they did. 

The next part of the planning was my favorite part, and pretty much the key factor to the party. Goodie Bags, or as I called it, “The Party Bag” because it held everything the girls needed for the party. 

The Party Bag:

I bought the cutest bags in my daughter’s favorite color off Amazon. These were pretty durable too, which was great. I bought the smallest size, which worked perfectly for what I needed, but they have three other size options. I highly recommend these.

To fill the bags, I purchased the following:

Candy, because what is a party without candy? Yes, they were full of regular sugar too Kourtney Kardashian. On a real note, I’d actually really like to know what these natural sugar candies are that she’s feeding her kids and where to find them.

Hostess cupcakes, so we could have birthday cake and even sing the birthday song. These were perfect because I was trying to stick with individually wrapped items to reassure everyone that there were no germs spreading. 

Chapstick and fun animal face masks (which they also used during the party).

Capri-Suns, a last-minute addition because I forgot a drink when ordering all the other stuff. 

I packed up all the goodies listed above, plus a printed off “Who knows the birthday girl” questionnaire and a bingo card in the bag, tied it up with the cute ribbon that was included with the bag, and attached a note that said not to open until the party. 

On the day of the party, I drove to each girl’s house and dropped the bag off on the porch, as well as picked up any gifts that were left on the porch.

When the party time rolled around, I logged on to Zoom (FYI- the time/date and zoom link was texted to all the parents earlier in the day – this is an important detail) and I let the girls party away. For the most part, I stayed out of the party, except when I wanted to see all the girls with their animal face masks on (hilarious) and when they played Bingo.

For bingo, I jumped on the zoom call on my phone and would randomly draw a picture that corresponded to one on the bingo card. I’d just put it in front of the camera part of my phone so that’s what the girls saw. I actually ate dinner while I did this because I didn’t need to be on screen, that’s how easy it was. The girls played a few rounds of this, and then I was free to go back to my life. 

Overall, it was a pretty good party given the circumstances. One of the girls actually told her mom is was the best party ever, lol. I’ll take the win!

What kind of activities would you plan for a kid’s virtual birthday party?


  • Erin Burr

    I think you could definitely do it for 7 year olds. I’d do it for my son, and he’s that age. I think that once you get them set up on the zoom call, then it’s just them talking to their friends through the screen, plus I’ve noticed our kids are very adaptive to technology. You could also sit beside them if you feel more comfortable with that. If your party guests are spread out pretty far, then you could opt out of the party bags, or if you are planning well in advance, you could mail them. If you opted out, you could send the parents PDFs to print off for party games. I did spend about two hours driving around to drop off the party bags, but I just turned on a good podcast and used the alone time to listen to it without interruptions. Let me know how it goes for you!

  • Kacie

    Love this idea. Wondering if I can do this for 7 year olds. Also not sure about dropping off the bags since they live all over. But I love the idea and will definitely be using your ideas. Thanks for sharing.