Hey there…again

Do you ever start something, like a project, only to stop and then start up again a while later…only to stop again, and then think about starting it up again? I guess New Years resolutions are exactly that for most of us. You know what else is like that? THIS BLOG. I have started a blog probably four or five times now. I get it all designed and posts a few blog posts, only to let it fall off. Each time I second guess myself more than the last time because I remember the failure it was the previous times. This time is different. Yes, I do remember those other attempts. How could I forget them? But, you know what? I’m not letting those bother me this time. If this flops again, then it does. But what if it doesn’t? What if I’m finally in a space of life where I can do this, where I don’t second guess if what I’m going to write is “good enough” to post, where I simply don’t care anymore about all that nonsense?!  Well this is it. This is me saying Hi, again. This is my newest and latest blog. What am I going to write about you might be wondering? I’m wondering that too. -lol- I sort of have an idea…life. Whatever I’m doing and feel like sharing…(or remember to snap some pics of). My hope is to share tips and tricks on how I get things done – think shopping lists, meal planning, birthday party planning and executing, etc. Other things I share may be a delicious meal I prepared for my family, Christmas cookies we baked, and the sort. I’m sharing me. Take it or leave it…but I hope you stay and find something intriguing. Maybe you find yummy recipes to try out, or a useful printable (I do create these on occasion), or maybe you just find someone you can relate to. This is a different world. One where making connections with people you’ve never met is a real thing. Shoot, I have a few people I’ve never met, but in my mind are some of my besties.