Going Paleo – Week 1

That’s right! I’m going Paleo, well technically Primal because I allow certain dairy, but semantics. Also, technically, I’ve gone paleo…like a few weeks ago, but again, semantics.

This isn’t my first time following the paleo diet. I actually follow this same diet when I was pregnant with my son. At that time, I was working two jobs, one of them requiring me to be up at 4am, and a toddler running around. I was determined to have a healthier pregnancy than the first one and to have a smaller baby. My daughter was born at nearly 10lbs (Yea, I know – big girl). When she was born, she ended up getting stuck in the birthing canal, resulting in a slight shoulder dystocia. Thankfully, is was so minor that there was no lasting damage and she only needed to have her arm splinted for the first month of her life to heal a hairline fracture in her collarbone. Babies heal fast. With all of that, I wanted to create the best scenario I could for my second child, one of those being a lower (or at least equal) birth weight for him. (The other was we opted for a c-section to avoid the chances of shoulder dystocia again.) I can’t definitively say that eating paleo was the reason why he was born 2lbs light than his sister, BUT I like to believe it had a part in it.

I also had so much energy when I followed the paleo diet as a pregnant mama. You would have thought that working two jobs, getting up early, and taking care of a toddler once we got home would be exhausting, but I felt really, really good. Yes, I did take a daily nap after work, but hello…I was up at 4am. After a quick nap, I’d be up and doing house work and making delicious dinners. It was good.

Flash forward to now. I’ve been dealing with an ongoing iron deficiency issue, specifically a ferritin issue. (Ferritin is basically the iron stored in your body…like your reserves for the iron in your blood.) I supplement iron and I eat a fair amount of iron containing foods, so I’ve come to the conclusion that my body just isn’t absorbing the iron very well…aka “Leaky Gut” issues. I did a lot of research of what to cut out to heal a leaky gut (and what to add), and I came to the conclusion that I need to go paleo again. I was feeling overwhelmed with the information I was taking in, and I felt that I knew paleo well enough that I should just resort to that. Before you get all up in my face, you paleo nazis, I KNOW dairy isn’t paleo, but I also know what does and doesn’t bother me. A little cheese here and there doesn’t bother me. I have cut out milk though.

With all that out the way, I wanted to share some of my meals I created on my first week back on the paleo diet. I didn’t get them all recorded, but I got the main ones. Breakfast wasn’t included, but it was basically bacon (nitrate free and all the other bad stuff free) and eggs (the good ones), oh and some coffee – black coffee.

Check out the video for the good stuff though. I’m seriously missing my hamburger salad I made, so much so that I think I’m going to go buy the ingredients and make it again next week. It was D-E-Licious!