Fab Fit Fun x Spring 2020

The Fab Fit Fun subscription box has been around for quite some time now. When I first heard of it, all I was focused on was the cost. At the time, I didn’t realize it was a quarterly box, and that I spent more on a monthly subscription box I had for a couple of years.

That being said, I recently saw an ad from Fab Fit Fun letting new subscribers get the spring 2020 box for $40, instead of the $50 it usually costs. Knowing I was going to be canceling at least one of my subscriptions this month, I figured I’d take advantage of the opportunity and try out the box. There was also this one item they were featuring and I really wanted it. I’ll tell you about it shortly. ๐Ÿ™‚

What I like about the Fab Fit Fun box, compared to the other subscription boxes I’ve had, is that it isn’t strictly a makeup or skincare box. It is a box features a variety of items that women would use in life; dishes, clothing, home decor, and yes, makeup and skincare.

I’ve seen some of my family members and friends get the box, and so I figured it’s time I give it a go.

Like I said, I got a deal for this box, $10 off of the usual $50 price. Once you sign up, you get to pick a few of the items in your box. If you pay for a whole year upfront (called the annual plan and gives you a $20 savings), then you’re moved up to the “select” level. This gives you the opportunity to customize your box even more. It really is a great deal to pay for the annual plan ($180) if you plan to get a year’s worth of boxes. I, however, wasn’t sure that I would be able to make that commitment at the time I signed up, AND I didn’t want to customize the box too much. I wanted to have the element of surprise for my first box to see what the subscription was really like.

Now, the box. First of all, it’s the box itself gorgeous?! I love the colors on this box and the happiness is exudes. When you open the box, everything is wrapped in tissue paper and you get a mini magazine that covers all the items featured for the month. FYI – you do not receive all the items, you receive something from each/most of the categories. The select level members do get something from an exclusive section. I actually really liked the magazine because it wasn’t just a catalog of the items and their cost. It goes over the items and talks about the benefits of them, how to used them, and more.

I received 8 items in the box. All items in the Fab Fit Fun boxes are full-size items, unlike some other subscriptions I’ve had in the past.

The items I received are:

  • ReVive Light Therapyยฎ Glล Wrinkle And Anti-Aging Light Device $68
    • I chose this item. This was actually the item I mentioned earlier that I saw and really wanted.
      I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of red-light therapy, so I wanted to try out this handheld wand for fine lines/wrinkles on my face. I also read it can help with some skin conditions, so I’m trying it out on my daughter’s eczema.
  • WEIโ„ข Two-In-One Purify And Glow Mask Collection $45
    • I chose this item. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE face masks! I saw this and knew I wanted it. it has 8 small pots inside that has a single mask in it. Plus, it comes with a brush for application. Once I finish up my Lush masks, I’m going to get in on these! I can’t wait!
  • AG Hair Fast Food Leave On Conditioner $24
    • I haven’t given this a try yet. Honestly, I have another leave in conditioner I received from another subscription a month ago, and I barely use that. I keep forgetting about it. I have noticed my hair feels a little dry, maybe it’s just because I need a trim, so I’m going to stick this is my shower, and then that way I can’t forget to try it out.
  • Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer In Black Orchid $16
    • This smells so good! It is a sponge, shaped like a flower, that is infused with soap. All you have to do is wet it and scrub away in the shower. I can’t remember exactly, but I think they said this is good for 16 washes. Not too bad. I haven’t used it yet either because I have a bar of soap from Lush in my shower, and I don’t want to put too many soaps in the shower at once.
  • Muradยฎ Rapid Collagen Infusionโ„ข $78
    • This is the last item I chose for this box. Last month, I got the Murad eye cream from Boxy Charm. I really like the eye cream, and when I saw another Murad item, I knew I wanted to try it too. According to the packaging, you apply the product to your face and neck, and in 2 hours it’s suppose to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Heeeyy! I’ll take that. I’ve only used it twice, and not consecutively, so I don’t have feedback on it yet. However, the reviews for the product are very high.
  • Stone Cold Fox Tea Towels $38
    • What can I say about tea towels? They are nice and simplistic, so I like that. I actually really like tea towels in my kitchen because they are the best at drying dishes. I’m pleased with these.
  • Whish Blue Matcha Restoring Mask $58
    • Hello face mask! Yes, another one! I didn’t pick this out, so it was a surprise. I’ve never heard of blue matcha anything before, but I know regular matcha is really good for you, so I figure blue is too. This mask is fun because it goes on blue and you know it’s ready to come off once it turns white. It is desired to get into and clean the pores, as well as moisturize and soften the skin. Who can be mad about that? You can also use it to spot treat troubled areas.
  • Avene Thermal Spring Water $14
    • Out of all the items, I think this is the silliest. I personally don’t understand the whole water spritz thing for the face. I do think it’d be very beneficial after/during a flight (although you can’t bring the container on a plane), but at home, I don’t get it. My daughter and I played around with it when she wanted to try some of the items out from the box. I never think about it, but maybe I’ll do some research and find some benefits of the product, and then give it a fair shot. Maybe.

In total, everything I received is worth $283. Let that sink in a moment. I paid $40. That’s over a 7-fold return!! WOW!!

Some of the other items I saw that some people received were a rug, a necklace, a sweater coat/shawl, a 3-pack of packing cubes/bags, weighted eye mask, brush, and body lotion. That’s just some of the items. There really are so many more.

Overall, I was really pleased with this box. The items in my box fir more of a spa theme, which I’m not mad about, especially when I’m trying to spend a little more time on myself and self-care. I love that I kept it a mystery for most of the box. It kept a certain excitement about receiving the box.

Do you get the Fab Fit Fun box? If so, what did you get?